On Mitt Romney’s Very Bad Fundraiser

Yesterday, a video leaked of Mitt Romney at a swank fundraiser. In Part 1 of the video, Romney displays contempt for the lower half of the electorate. In the second part, Romney dismisses the very idea of peace in Middle-East.

Some reactions to the first video.

Michael Tomasky: Mitt Tells Voters in Video to Drop Dead.

Jonathan Chait: The Real Romney Captured on Tape Turns Out to Be a Sneering Plutocrat

Timothy Noah: Mitt Romney and the 47 Percent

Josh Marshall: Devastating

Andrew Sullivan: Romney Unpluuged

Justin Green: Randian Romneys Don’t Win Elections

Steve Benen: Romney’s Contempt for the ’47 Percent’

Mark Halperin: Why This is Bad For Romney

David Brooks: Thurston Howell Romney

I’m not sure that I have anything more to add that these writers haven’t already said, except for this — If Mitt Romney holds half of Americans in utter contempt, then why the hell is he running for President?

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  1. Gallup: Obama 47% Romney 47% Rasmussen: Obama 46% Romney 46% President Obama has not been able to pull ahead of Romney despite the recent conventions and this video that Jimmy Carter’s grandson filmed where Romney mentioned the 47%. Not good news at all for President Obama

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