On What I Want for Doctor Who’s 50th-Anniversary

My last panel at Philcon this weekend was on 50 years of Doctor Who. It was a very good panel — it was mainly about why the series has lasted as long as it has, and there was also some good questions from the large audience. (It was the best attended panel I experienced all weekend.)

At the end of the panel, a young woman up front asked a question of the five panelists — What did each of us want to see for the 50th-anniversary?

And I laid out my vision.

I want a multi-Doctor episode. But I want one that breaks the mold, not one that brings back David Tennant and Colin Baker (in a girdle and a wig).

I want something smaller scale.

I want something that brings Doctor Who back to its beginnings.

I want to see the current Doctor meet the first Doctor. Before “An Unearthly Child.” Before he even left Gallifrey.

And the actor that I could best see as a young first Doctor?

Benedict Cumberbatch.

I think a good story could be built from this premise. Something in the present forces the Doctor to return to his beginnings. And it avoids the fannish aspects that a multi-Doctor reunion special would entail.

It’s what I want for the 50th-anniversary.

Hildy Silverman, one of the copanelists, then said that she had an idea (the Time War) but she really really wanted mine.

Will it happen? Of course not. It’s what I want, however.

I want to see the Doctor meet his original self. On Gallifrey. Before his escape/exile.

I think it would be brilliant.

It’s what I want.

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