Night Terrors

Elizabeth Shelby jerked up in bed, screaming. Her body dripped with sweat.

“Eppy, what’s the matter?” Her husband, Mackenzie Calhoun, was reaching out to caress her shoulder.

Shelby’s breathing was ragged. “Terrible dream, Mac. I dreamt… I dreamt the Excalibur was destroyed.”

Calhoun said nothing for a moment. His eyes narrowed. He grimaced. “Tell-tale engine hum. I think the Excalibur‘s fine.”

Shelby shook her head quickly. “It wasn’t just that.” She took a deep breath. “I… I dreamt the Trident was destroyed, too.”

Shelby heard a stifled laugh. “Elizabeth, I’m pretty sure that’s my ship out the starboard window.” Kat Mueller rolled over in the bed and looked at them both. “Can you two keep it down? Some of us are trying to get some sleep.”

“Speak for yourself,” said Shelby indignantly.

Calhoun sighed. “We really need to stop having these threesomes.”


Author’s Note: 10 November 2007

I wrote this, as a joke, in response to something Star Trek novelist Dave Mack had said on Psi Phi:

From a legal perspective, Dave could blow up the Excalibur and Trident both in Destiny without even checking with Peter, and as long as CBS approved it, it could be done.

Not that that would happen…

Not that I didn’t try…

So, naturally, I had to wonder. How would Peter David deal with the Excalibur and the Trident getting trashed in someone else’s books?

Probably a lot like this… :lol: