The Lucas Law of Planetary Development

I know the Lucas Law of Planetary Development states that ice planets are only ice planets, jungle planets are only jungle planets, desert planets are only desert planets, and planetwide cities are big freaking cities, but the Lucas Law of Planetary Development forgets one very important fact. Earth isn’t one climate. And for the LucasContinue reading “The Lucas Law of Planetary Development”

Attack of the Clones and Star Trek: Nemesis

Here’s a question. Why aren’t Star Trek films an event the way summer and Christmas blockbusters are? Is it because they don’t get the coverage in the media–Premiere, Variety, Entertainment Weekly, and that ilk? Is it because a film about Jean-Luc Picard and his gang of goons is basically the same thing as the otherContinue reading “Attack of the Clones and Star Trek: Nemesis”

Appearances update

The Shore Leave convention has posted the weekend’s schedule. As previously noted, I will be hosting a Doctor Who panel celebrating the show’s fortieth anniversary, Sunday at 5 o’clock. Yesterday’s news that BBCi will be web-broadcasting a six-episode animated special starring Richard E. Grant as the Ninth Doctor gives me something new and interesting toContinue reading “Appearances update”

Allyn's Crackpot Theory: The Clone of Spock!

Now for one of Allyn’s crackpot theories…. Spockdid stay dead after Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. The post-Genesis Spock is really a clone of the original Spock, with most of the original Spock’s memories. Their brain structures are completely different; the post-Genesis Spock had his brain wired based not on the life hisContinue reading “Allyn's Crackpot Theory: The Clone of Spock!”

A Most Disturbing Dream

A few days ago I picked up Kenneth Branagh’s version of Much Ado About Nothing on DVD at Target for under ten dollars. I haven’t watched it–been too busy to do so–so I’ve added it to my “to be watched” pile. Before I went to bed, I took the Klingon Language Institute‘s translation of theContinue reading “A Most Disturbing Dream”

What if… No Khan Noonian Singh?

Try this on for size. It’s 2266. Captain Kirk and the Enterprise are zipping through space, and there’s an emergency distress call from a nearby colony, under attack. The Enterprise diverts from its routine patrol. Had the Enterprise stayed on its course for another day, Spock would have detected a derelict Earth ship from theContinue reading “What if… No Khan Noonian Singh?”

Alternity! Independence Day in the Star Trek universe

A really bizarre thought I had went something like this: Suppose “War of the Worlds” happened in the Star Trek history. So in the 1890s humanity learned that aliens existed, and the invasion fleet left lots of steampunk hardware around. The Great War gets a whole lot nastier, with both sides trying to use reverse-engineeredContinue reading “Alternity! Independence Day in the Star Trek universe”