Sniping and other random thoughts

I hate eBay. Okay, that’s a bit excessive. I’ve managed to acquire cool stuff that I never even knew I needed from eBay over the years and I will probably continue to do so. My own efforts at selling on eBay haven’t been at all successful, but perhaps that’s due in part to not havingContinue reading “Sniping and other random thoughts”

Enterprise and Continuity

The newest issue of the Star Trek Communicator features an excellent article by Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore that looks at Enterprise and its adherence (or lack thereof) to previously established Star Trek continuity, particularly of the Original Series. It’s an interesting article, and it makes the point that the perceptions of fandom that contunityContinue reading “Enterprise and Continuity”

On Star Trek Movie Names

Random brainwave I had this morning… The Classic Trek films had impressive sounding names. Maybe not impressive sounding, but descriptive. The Star Trek: The Next Generation films, by contrast, have positively dull names. If you were given the power to give the NextGen films names like the Classic Trek films, what names would you giveContinue reading “On Star Trek Movie Names”

On Star Trek: Phase II

Star Trek: Phase II. In the 1970s Paramount wanted to start a new television network, and they wanted to launch it with a new Star Trek series, bringing back together as many of the old crew as they could. Only, it didn’t happen. Instead, the pilot story, “In Thy Image,” became Star Trek: The MotionContinue reading “On Star Trek: Phase II”

On Star Trek Series 5 Rumors

There is a rumor that the next Star Trek series will be about the 29th century timefleet. This rumor hasn’t gotten much airplay at all, but it’s out there, and some sources suggest that the “Birth of the Federation” rumor exists as disinformation to cover the timefleet scenario. My one complaint with the timefleet scenarioContinue reading “On Star Trek Series 5 Rumors”

On Justice League: The Final Frontier

Imagine this: Batman vs. Worf. Batman vs. Zak Kebron. Batman vs. Si Cwan. Okay, Batman wins all three fights. Handily. Imagine this one: Batman vs. Calhoun. Okay, Batman wins that one, too. Okay, so if there were to be a JLA/Star Trek crossover, we probably shouldn’t have it be hero vs. hero; no one canContinue reading “On Justice League: The Final Frontier”

On Spock, and the First Vulcan in Starfleet

I’ve been thinking this one through. And I’m going to stand on the issue of Spock being the first Vulcan in Starfleet where I always have before: the concept is plainly lacking on its face. However, there wouldn’t be the mass delusion about Spock being the first Vulcan unless it had some backing somewhere. InContinue reading “On Spock, and the First Vulcan in Starfleet”

On Peter David Novels

Since someone asked, my quick take on some Peter David Star Trek books… Q-Squared was a solid romp. Alternate timelines, the fate of the universe hanging in the balance, the tragedy of Jack Crusher. My favorite scene has to be the three Datas discussing their sexual habits while the Enterprise-D is about to crash. TheContinue reading “On Peter David Novels”

On The Doctor and the Enterprise, and FOX

I read Jean Airey’s The Doctor and the Enterprise recently. 🙂 The Doctor and the Enterprise (tDatE) is frivolous fun. I’d slot it right after “The Deadly Assassin” and before the Doctor picks up Leela, but there’s a reference to K-9, so perhaps it would be best after Leela and before Romana I, so rightContinue reading “On The Doctor and the Enterprise, and FOX”

On the Icarus and the Kzin

If you accept Star Trek: The Animated Series you have the Kzin attacking Earth almost simultaneously with the Vulcans’ arrival in Montana. And if you accept the UNSS Icarus mission to Alpha Centauri, you have that ship making contact with the native Centaurans before the Vulcans pass though the Sol system. Putting Star Trek: FirstContinue reading “On the Icarus and the Kzin”