Free as a Bird: The Dakota Beatles Demos

Monday a package arrived in the mailbox. On Thanksgiving Day I had placed a bid on a bootleg John Lennon CD entitled Free as a Bird: The Dakota Beatles Demos, won it that day, and made a nearly immediate payment through PayPal. And Monday it was mine. It had been a tiring few days atContinue reading “Free as a Bird: The Dakota Beatles Demos”

I am Spartacus!

I am writing a book. There’s a scene in That Thing You Do when the Wonders are about to perform on television, and Lenny asks Skitch, “How did we get here?” And Skitch Patterson, with his Spartacus fixation, says, “I have brought you here, sir, for I am Spartacus.” It’s that sense of unreality thatContinue reading “I am Spartacus!”

Five questions

I’ve seen this feature on several other blogs, and out of curiosity I decided to give the Friday Five a look. Five questions, nothing probing, but that may illuminate unique personality aspects. But it’s Monday, not Friday, so aren’t I a bit late? Timeliness has never been one of my strong points. The most recentContinue reading “Five questions”

The All-"Here Comes the Sun" Radio Station

Imagine for a moment that you get in the car and turn the key to hear the sounds of the Beatles streaming from the speakers. Imagine further still that you hear “Here Comes the Sun,” that magnificent song from the Abbey Road album. Sheer bliss. Imagine hearing “Here Comes the Sun” on a continuous loop.Continue reading “The All-"Here Comes the Sun" Radio Station”

Sniping and other random thoughts

I hate eBay. Okay, that’s a bit excessive. I’ve managed to acquire cool stuff that I never even knew I needed from eBay over the years and I will probably continue to do so. My own efforts at selling on eBay haven’t been at all successful, but perhaps that’s due in part to not havingContinue reading “Sniping and other random thoughts”