On What Others Would Do

Ah, Mr. Stephen Fry. 🙂 He wrote, in his most recent column for The Guardian, “Some Christians have What Would Jesus Do? as a motto; I have What Would Douglas Think?” Douglas being, naturally, Douglas Adams. What an amazing motto. “What Would Douglas Think?” Doubtless it would be something snappy, something witty, something that bringsContinue reading “On What Others Would Do”

On This Week’s Radio Free Skaro

With the third season of Doctor Who finished, Warren and Steven turned their attentions this week to a very different subject for their forty-second episode of Radio Free Skaro—the works of Douglas Adams. The episode covers Hitchhikers–radio play, books, television series, film, computer game–and its sequels, with mentions of Blackadder (as Tom Baker and SimonContinue reading “On This Week’s Radio Free Skaro”

On Saint Cedd

Last night I started pondering “Shada,” the Doctor Who serial written by Douglas Adams during Tom Baker’s era that went unfinished (due to industrial strikes) and was later remade as an audio drama with Paul McGann. In the course of the story the Doctor and Romana go to visit Professor Chronotis, who keeps rooms atContinue reading “On Saint Cedd”

On Shada

Road trip. Friday. Me and my dad, on the way to Baltimore. It’s a long trip from Raleigh to Baltimore. Six hours, under the best of conditions. The roads, at least from Raleigh to Richmond — half-way there — are desolate stretches of the American landscape. Boredom inducing. I took two Doctor Who audios forContinue reading “On Shada”