On the LEGO Star Wars Artwork

At Easter I gave my sister a few of the display sleeves we received at the store for the LEGO Star Wars video game. She manages a frame shop, and I asked for her to frame one–preferably the XBox cover, but she suggested the PlayStation 2 cover because the artwork was cleaner on the “front.”Continue reading “On the LEGO Star Wars Artwork”

On Commander Cody

Playing LEGO Star Wars the other day I had to complete a mission and hunt down General Grievous with Obi-Wan and his partner. A clone trooper, named Commander Cody. My friend Todd complained about the character for having a dorky name on his LiveJournal today. Sure, it’s a dorky name. Sure, it doesn’t sound likeContinue reading “On Commander Cody”

More on Lego Star Wars

Six days away. The game is Six. Days. Away. I pre-ordered mine at work today. Somehow I’d been remiss in doing so. It was crazy funny hectic busy at work today. The Sony PSP, the new handheld system, launched today. We opened at eight, and people started lining up at about twenty past seven. AllContinue reading “More on Lego Star Wars”

On Lego Star Wars

I receive the LEGO Club Magazine every other month. The latest issue arrived yesterday. The issues contains an ad for the PS2 and XBox game, LEGO Star Wars, coming out at the end of the month. I’m positively giddy thinking about it. It’s freakin’ LEGOs! It’s freakin’ Star Wars. Okay, it’s Prequel Trilogy Star Wars,Continue reading “On Lego Star Wars”

Spreadsheets? Gah!

No, this isn’t the “State of my life” post promised on Saturday. That’s still drafting. I will, however, share some thoughts on spreadsheets. I hate them. All told I’ve spent ten hours, spread across three days, building a spreadsheet array. Right now it’s 18 sheets deep. What the array does is take sales information, thenContinue reading “Spreadsheets? Gah!”