On Friday’s Philosophy Moment

“What am I doing here, miles from home? I’m following my dreams, living every day as if it’s my last. “One day I’ll have regrets… but it’s far better to regret something you’ve done, than something you never did.”    — Martha Jones, Doctor Who: The Whispering Gallery You know how there’s a publisher that’sContinue reading “On Friday’s Philosophy Moment”

On Political Preliminaries

I’ve been working on a politics post. I’ve mentioned it to one or two people. It is… different. Maybe it’s a little geeky. Maybe it’s a little inside baseball. Yet… it’s what I think. More importantly, it’s what I feel. But first, a few preliminaries. It’s no secret that I’m a John Edwards supporter. Indeed,Continue reading “On Political Preliminaries”

On a Chinese Fortune

Nothing says an urban clime like a hole-in-the-wall Chinese restaurant with a cheap lunch special within walking distance of the office. Orange chicken. Niiiiiiicccccccccce. I got a fortune, too — 🙂 You will have good luck and overcome many hardships. 🙂 Okay, it’s so vague as to be on the point of uselessness, but there’sContinue reading “On a Chinese Fortune”

On Weird Waking Thoughts

I have strange thoughts as I wake up. This morning was no different. I’m writing this, just so it’s down. The Ents. What sort of metaphysical philosophy would they believe in? Do Ents have an afterlife? Do Ents believe they have an afterlife? Are they doomed to walk Middle-Earth forever, and in time be forgot?Continue reading “On Weird Waking Thoughts”

On Greek Philosophers Online

This is a rather amusing article: What if the Greek philosophers were into social networking like Facebook? Glaucon and Cephalus rant about Donna Noble and Martha Jones, while Polemarchus tries to figure out how to beat a speeding ticket. And in the middle? Socrates is hopelessly lost. I vowed recently that I would never readContinue reading “On Greek Philosophers Online”

On Plato

Lately, I’ve been reading Plato. I haven’t thought about Plato since college. Ten, fifteen years. Reading Plato. I’ve read the Critias, Plato’s incomplete account of Atlantis. I’ve read the Apology, his account of Socrates’ trial. For good measure, I’ve also read Xenophon’s Apology, he take on the same event. I’ve read a little bit ofContinue reading “On Plato”