On Magnificently Mental Musings

As some of you know, I have a theory about where Russell T. Davies, henceforth RTD, is taking Doctor Who before he’s done next week. My theory is that it involves RTD pressing a Reset Button on his way out the door. The reasons are both narrative and personal. It lets RTD have his spectacleContinue reading “On Magnificently Mental Musings”

On “The Waters of Mars”

So I’ve watched last night’s Doctor Who, “The Waters of Mars.” It’s slickly made. The effects work was especially nice. Graeme Harper acquitted himself well behind the camera. I loved the mention of the Ice Warriors. I thought it was incredibly boring. The plot is rather linear. The Doctor arrives at Bowie Base One onContinue reading “On “The Waters of Mars””

On “The Girl in the Fireplace”

The Sophia Myles film festival continues! Now up for discussion, 2006’s Doctor Who episode, “The Girl in the Fireplace,” by Steven Moffat and winner of the Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form. The TARDIS materializes aboard a starship in the 51st century. The ship is abandoned, though there’s a great deal of powerContinue reading “On “The Girl in the Fireplace””

On “The Time of My Life”

About six months ago I started picking up Doctor Who Magazine on a regular basis. DWM used to be hard to come by on this side of the Pond, and within a year of the new series starting up the magazine began turning up in more and more bookstores. So, why the long wait? ItContinue reading “On “The Time of My Life””

On “Journey’s End” and My Daft Theories

So, now I’ve seen it. Doctor Who. “Journey’s End.” Last week I posted some theories. “The Stolen Earth,” the fourth season’s penultimate episode, posed a number of questions, and suggested certain possibilities, and I offered my thoughts on what everything meant, and where “Journey’s End” would likely go. Much to my surprise, Jamie McCrimmon didContinue reading “On “Journey’s End” and My Daft Theories”

On Daft Doctor Who Theories

Doctor Who fandom is beside itself, trying to read the tea-leaves, trying to predict “Journey’s End.” And that means theorizing. Oh, it’s a capital mistake to theorize in advance of the evidence, and it’s doubly daft to theorize in defiance of the evidence, but that’s never stopped anyone. Least of all me. Yet, sometimes, evenContinue reading “On Daft Doctor Who Theories”

On My “Journey’s End” Theories

I’ve been doing some thinking about how “Journey’s End,” the fourth season finale of Doctor Who, will end. Naturally, this post will contain spoilers. And, for future reference, I’m going to write them down. 🙂 I should note, of course, that my track record with Doctor Who theories is not good. I thought the rumorContinue reading “On My “Journey’s End” Theories”

An Open Letter to the Sci-Fi Channel

Dear Sci-Fi Channel, Let’s talk about the fourth season Doctor Who finale, “Journey’s End.” You may have heard; the finale is going to run 65 minutes long on BBC1. Without commercial interruption. That’s significantly longer than other episodes of Doctor Who you’ve broadcast. Those have generally come in around 43 or 44 minutes, which historicallyContinue reading “An Open Letter to the Sci-Fi Channel”

On “The Stolen Earth” and Search Phrases

No spoilers here, promise! Based on an explosion of search phrase hits to my website in the past hour, I have a fairly good idea of how “The Stolen Earth,” the penultimate episode of Doctor Who‘s fourth season, ended. (Being in the United States, I won’t have seen it just yet.) Who’d have thought thatContinue reading “On “The Stolen Earth” and Search Phrases”