On Putting an End to GameStop’s Neediness

I received an e-mail from GameStop this evening… Dear Wayward GameStop Customer, We miss you. And we’re worried. There must be some reason why you haven’t been responding to our emails. We’re wondering if you still want them – bursting with the latest from GameStop: Exclusive game trailers GameStop exclusive bonus items Events at storesContinue reading “On Putting an End to GameStop’s Neediness”

On Mid-Week Errata

I’ve had Cat Stevens’ “Peace Train” stuck in my head today. My day actually began with Jethro Tull. My Tull collection is not large — Aqualung, the Christmas album, a greatest hits album. While working this morning, I needed something different to keep me going, and “Locomotive Breath” from Aqualung seemed auspicious. Which made meContinue reading “On Mid-Week Errata”

On LEGO Star Wars: The Novel

On TrekBBS, there’s a discussion asking Star Trek authors if they would like to write Star Wars novels. Said I in reply: I would absolutely write a Star Wars comic or novel. In fact, I know the approach I’d take, and the setting I’d use. It would be mental. Abso-fucking-lutely mental. And hilarious. Did IContinue reading “On LEGO Star Wars: The Novel”

On The Rutles: Rock Band

I have The Rutles on. And as I’m listening to “Joe Public” — the Rutles’ riff on “Tomorrow Never Knows” from Archaeology — I had a lunatic brainwave. There should be Rutles downloadable content for Beatles Rock Band. Hell, people have tried passing off “Cheese & Onions” as a genuine John Lennon song. And GeorgeContinue reading “On The Rutles: Rock Band”

On Super Mario, As Never Seen Before

The Nintendo generation passed me by. It didn’t make me cry. It certainly didn’t make me blue. But when my friends had the Nintendo Entertainment System, I didn’t. I didn’t really even care. That rectangular controller? All those buttons? It made no sense to me. So, the whole appeal of Mario? I don’t get it.Continue reading “On Super Mario, As Never Seen Before”

On a New LEGO Video Game

Have I mentioned recently how much I like LEGO? Didn’t think so. There’s a LEGO strategy game coming out for the Nintendo DS. Think Age of Empires, but with LEGO! It’s called LEGO Battles, and it starts out with Castles, then Pirates, and finally Space! You build buildings, and they’re LEGO buildings. Then you buildContinue reading “On a New LEGO Video Game”

On Long Gestating Pre-Orders

So, the plug finally got pulled. Duke Nukem Forever is dead. Gone. Kaput. Will never see the light of day. Yahoo! had an article on their front page, about a gamer who had an eight-year old pre-order on the game. It doesn’t surprise me. The EB Games I managed outside Philadelphia had four or fiveContinue reading “On Long Gestating Pre-Orders”

On New LEGO Games

Let’s be upfront, here. I love LEGO. 🙂 I also love the LEGO video games. Though I haven’t played LEGO Batman, so I don’t know if that’s good or if it’s crap. That’s okay, though. It looks like Travelers Tales, the development studio behind such hits as LEGO Star Wars, is looking to develop moreContinue reading “On New LEGO Games”