On Making TrekBBS Readable

TrekBBS is a bulletin board where I’ve been wasting time visiting regularly for over a decade now. This morning I logged in to find that the bulletin board had redesigned with a new white-text-on-black-background design. And because my eyes are not as young as they used to be, I decided to whip together a localContinue reading “On Making TrekBBS Readable”

On Looking Ahead to the Summer Months

Where does time go? Shore Leave is only about ten weeks away! I sent the con an updated bio earlier today. What brought this to mind was that I received some website traffic from the Shore Leave website yesterday. So, said I to myself, “Which bio do they have running?” And I discovered they didn’tContinue reading “On Looking Ahead to the Summer Months”

On Random Video Silliness for a Late Sunday

Three recent video discoveries on YouTube… Vader Sessions, a Star Wars fanfilm that takes classic Star Wars scenes and remixes them with James Earl Jones’ dialogue from other films: A Young Sherlock Holmes fanvid. Okay, yes, it uses Evanescence’s “My Immortal,” which is a song that I tired of, oh, five years ago, but it’sContinue reading “On Random Video Silliness for a Late Sunday”

On Friday Morning Randomness

This week, we’ve had pleasant weather. Until today. Today is going to be a scorcher. Temperatures at the triple-digit mark. And then! Maryland was struck by an earthquake! With all this bad in the world, with the Earth itself being greatly wroth, what’s a person to do? What can a person use to distract himselfContinue reading “On Friday Morning Randomness”

On the Sam Adams Holiday Pack

It’s a wintry time of the year, and that means the Holiday Collection from Sam Adams! I look forward to this collection of six beers every year. Wintry, festive holiday brews! Only, this year I’m unhappy. The Holiday Collection comes, as I mentioned, with six different winter beer styles. In years past, the six haveContinue reading “On the Sam Adams Holiday Pack”