On Long-Expected Parties

I fired up Opera this morning, looked at my own website, and there, in the sidebar, was the usual “this day in Middle-Earth” feature. And lots of things happened in Middle-Earth today. A few years ago I wrote a BASIC program to convert Gregorian dates into Shire dates. No, I can’t tell you why —Continue reading “On Long-Expected Parties”

On Weird Waking Thoughts

I have strange thoughts as I wake up. This morning was no different. I’m writing this, just so it’s down. The Ents. What sort of metaphysical philosophy would they believe in? Do Ents have an afterlife? Do Ents believe they have an afterlife? Are they doomed to walk Middle-Earth forever, and in time be forgot?Continue reading “On Weird Waking Thoughts”

On the Need for Hobbies

Being the hot, miserable day that it is, I worked on a Word macro coding project for work I’d started (and finished–or at least got something that runs) last week, to clean up the code, strip out some redundancies, and replace a brute-force search-and-replace with a much cleaner looped search-and-replace. And then, I turned myContinue reading “On the Need for Hobbies”

On Future Lord of the Rings Games

EA Games has extended their license to create video and computer games based on The Lord of the Rings through 2008. A new game is in development for release in 2008, though no details have been released. The fate of Lord of the Rings: The White Council, a role-playing game set a few decades beforeContinue reading “On Future Lord of the Rings Games”

On The Hobbit and The White Council

I wrote a month ago about the Electronic Arts video game, Lord of the Rings: The White Council, and how reports had it that EA had pulled the plug on the game. Well, not quite. According to a news blurb at TheOneRing.net: Today, during a postearnings call, EA CFO Warren Jenson confirmed that The WhiteContinue reading “On The Hobbit and The White Council”