On Christmas Songs and Richard Dawkins’ OUT Campaign

At work last week, to build company morale in this holiday season, there was a contest — abbreviations for Christmas song titles were e-mailed out. Employees could puzzle out what the abbreviations stood for, and put their answers in a can at the lobby desk, where a winner would be selected each day. It wasContinue reading “On Christmas Songs and Richard Dawkins’ OUT Campaign”

On Religious Inertia

Sometimes you find interesting material without even looking. Take this, for instance. I was reading an article on how a Brooklyn band claims that Coldplay plagiarized one of their songs for “Viva La Vida,”, when I found this article — “Christianity Could Die Out Within a Century.” That’s far more interesting to me. 🙂 Take,Continue reading “On Religious Inertia”

On the Need for Pirates

It’s hot. It’s really hot. This is no mere heat wave. This is global warming, pure and simple. There’s only one thing to be done, really. High seas piracy. Where are the pirates stepping up to the plate, to sacrifice their lives, liberty, and sacred honor on the high seas? Where are the men ofContinue reading “On the Need for Pirates”

On Securing the Atheist Vote

Are there any Presidential candidates who will campaign for the atheist vote? It’s a question that needs to be asked. Presidential candidates pander to the religious vote. John McCain called Washington, DC, “the city of Satan” yesterday at a campaign stop, explaining that it’s difficult to get “the Lord’s work” done there. “The Lord’s work”?Continue reading “On Securing the Atheist Vote”

On Atheism, Agendas, Analogies, and Browsers

Sometimes web surfing can be a dangerous thing. You’re looking at something safe, something normal, and then you’re in some dank back alley in the dirty part of town, where you have to keep your head down because you don’t want to attract attention. Last night was like that. I found myself reading an evangelicalContinue reading “On Atheism, Agendas, Analogies, and Browsers”

On the Problem of Stupidity

Why be an atheist? That’s a good question, and philosophers have spent a great deal of time making their arguments for a non-theistic outlook on life. There’s Dawkins’ The God Delusion, Hitchens’ God Is Not Great, a whole host of arguments. Can we add another? British science fiction author Lawrence Miles suggested on his blogContinue reading “On the Problem of Stupidity”