Scenes from a Vacation Day

On Thursday, I took a vacation day and went to Washington, DC. The Washington Nationals were having Pet Day — with a special ticket, you received a 2015 calendar of the Nationals players and their pets, you could participate in a pre-game petting zoo, and part of the cost of the ticket went to theContinue reading “Scenes from a Vacation Day”

Lost Scenes from a Doctor Who Story

I found something unexpected on my hard drive yesterday, working scenes from my first draft of “The Spindle of Necessity.” “Spindle,” as you may know, is a Doctor Who story I wrote for a Big Finish Short Trips anthology in the spring of 2007 in which the sixth Doctor goes on an adventure with theContinue reading “Lost Scenes from a Doctor Who Story”

Doctor Who Conquers the Martians

On Saturday night, the eighth season of Doctor Who came to a close in “Death in Heaven.” I’m not here to talk about that. I’d rather discus the teaser for the forthcoming Christmas episode, with Nick Frost (probably best known to Americans for his collaborations with Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright — Shaun of theContinue reading “Doctor Who Conquers the Martians”

A Changing of the Guard

Jenna Coleman is leaving Doctor Who. If you believe the Mirror, that is. I don’t believe the Mirror, not exactly. I think the basic story is right — she’s leaving the series at the end of the year — but the details are invented. The characterization that she “quit” especially strikes me as false. IContinue reading “A Changing of the Guard”

Doctor Who: Engines of War

A few months ago, BBC Books announced George Mann’s Engines of War, a hardcover Doctor Who novel that starred John Hurt’s Doctor, seen in the 50th-anniversary special, “The Day of the Doctor,” during the Time War. The Great Time War has raged for centuries, ravaging the universe. Scores of human colony planets are now overrunContinue reading “Doctor Who: Engines of War”

Doctor Who: The Shakespeare Notebooks

BBC Books recently published Doctor Who: The Shakespeare Notebooks. Newly discovered entries and drawings in William Shakespeare’s journals reveal for the first time the astounding relationship between the Bard of Avon and the Doctor! BBC Books has rediscovered notebooks, long thought lost, compiled by the Bard in which he divulges the influential role the DoctorContinue reading “Doctor Who: The Shakespeare Notebooks”

Thoughts on the Leaked Doctor Who Scripts

Yesterday, the first five scripts of the eighth season of Doctor Who leaked to the Internet. Despite the BBC’s pleas for fans not to share them, the scripts are out there, fans are sharing them, and fans are discussing them. People have asked me if I’ve found them. I didn’t find them myself, but IContinue reading “Thoughts on the Leaked Doctor Who Scripts”

The Uselessness of Fan Rage Over Doctor Who’s “Time of the Doctor”

A few days ago, the Matt Smith era of Doctor Who ended in “The Time of the Doctor.” Some people loved it. Some people hated it. And some people responded by calling for producer Steven Moffat’s head on a pike on Traitor’s Row. I had no expectations for it, but that’s because I ceased expectingContinue reading “The Uselessness of Fan Rage Over Doctor Who’s “Time of the Doctor””

The Deemphasis of Doctor Who Novels

A few days ago on Gallifrey Base, there was some discussion about the deemphasis of Doctor Who novels in the marketplace in the past two years. Wait, I should qualify that. There has been a great deal of Doctor Who prose published in the past two years, but it’s been a different kind of proseContinue reading “The Deemphasis of Doctor Who Novels”

Two Doctor Who Thoughts

Two quick things. First, the more I see of Matt Smith and David Tennant together, the more I really wish the “two Doctors” series idea Matt pitched to Steven Moffat had come to pass. They have such brilliant chemistry together. They’re both goofy, but in entirely different (and complementary) ways. And second, I would reallyContinue reading “Two Doctor Who Thoughts”