On Evaluating the Week

Today I feel mildly awake. It’s been quite a long week. Shore Leave over the weekend, inventory prep at the store–convention, lengthy drive, twelve-plus hour days at work. Suffice to say yesterday I was exhausted and unable to move, and not just from the seventeen hour shift I pulled on Wednesday due to performing theContinue reading “On Evaluating the Week”

On Shore Leave, A Quick Afterthought

Back from Shore Leave. I decided against staying until the bitter end. Frankly, I was tired, and I thought I needed sleep more than I needed to stay through to Mystery Trekkie Theatre. But we’ll cover that later, perhaps tomorrow. For the time being, I want to talk about the Dealer’s Room. Specifically, bootleg DVDContinue reading “On Shore Leave, A Quick Afterthought”

On Shore Leave 2006, Day Three

Have I ever mentioned how much I like the buffet breakfast at the Hunt Valley Marriott? I haven’t? Well, I do. 😉 What’s on tap for today? Well, that’s just it–the morning’s looking rather dull and lifeless, and the things I want to see and do aren’t until late in the day. Shore Leave hasContinue reading “On Shore Leave 2006, Day Three”

On Shore Leave 2006, Day Two

Ah, the second day of Shore Leave. Today looks to be exciting and jam-packed. The panel I’m most anticipating today is at eleven–“The Original USS Enterprise, the early American Navy, and the Life of Horatio Hornblower.” I don’t know what this is, but I know that, just from the panel’s topic alone, I’ll be gluedContinue reading “On Shore Leave 2006, Day Two”

On Star Trek Vs. Batman

I downloaded the trailer for a new fanfilm, Star Trek Vs. Batman, from Rasco Films. The trailer is short, about a minute long, and shows actors recreating the ’60s Batman television series running around with actors recreating the ’60s Star Trek series. The Kirk actor doesn’t look quite right, the Spock actor is clearly wearingContinue reading “On Star Trek Vs. Batman”