A Tale of Two Films

Steve Roby reflected briefly upon last year’s film Paycheck in his blog yesterday. He wrote, “Paycheck had everything it needed to be a much better film than it ultimately turned out to be. Another disappointing movie based on a Philip K. Dick story? Who’d’ve guessed? (Well, Blade Runner and Minority Report turned out okay, evenContinue reading “A Tale of Two Films”

Hellboy on the silver screen

I saw the Hellboy movie a few days ago. I liked the film, though it’s not without some problems. The film’s greatest flaw is also, I think, it’s greatest strength–its fidelity to the source material. A person who knows the Hellboy comics will have a ball with this film, identifying which story which little throwawayContinue reading “Hellboy on the silver screen”

Shiny plastic discs

Let’s examine the last week’s DVD purchases. It’s an addiction, those shiny plastic discs of cinematic goodness. Thankfully, there’s a sale at work on pre-owned DVDs–buy two, get one for free. Oh, the pain! My job enables my addiction! The horror! Anyway, the purchases: About a Boy, the adaptation of Nick Hornby’s novel starring HughContinue reading “Shiny plastic discs”

On Star Trek Movie Names

Random brainwave I had this morning… The Classic Trek films had impressive sounding names. Maybe not impressive sounding, but descriptive. The Star Trek: The Next Generation films, by contrast, have positively dull names. If you were given the power to give the NextGen films names like the Classic Trek films, what names would you giveContinue reading “On Star Trek Movie Names”