On the Week In Review

My grandmother is down for her second nap of the day. It’s not even 1:30 in the afternoon. She’s been sleeping more of late. She’s also been keeping odd hours, and her perception of light and dark seems to be non-existent. The new television remotes confuse her. There’s one for the television, and one forContinue reading “On the Week In Review”

On the Perils of Peanut Butter

My grandmother refrigerates peanut butter. I do not like refrigerated peanut butter. The reason? It’s impossible to spread. It comes out in clumps, and it tears the bread apart as I try to smooth it out. All I wanted, all I really wanted, was a peanut butter and banana sandwich. However, my grandmother had eatenContinue reading “On the Perils of Peanut Butter”

On Conversations with my Grandmother

Sometimes, conversations with my grandmother are amusing. Sometimes, the conversations are frustrating. Today, the conversations have been the frustrating ones. It began this morning over coffee. “I’m going home today,” she said. “Home?” I said. “You are home.” “I know that,” she hissed. “I’m going home.” I changed the subject quickly. It seemed prudent. IContinue reading “On Conversations with my Grandmother”

On Mealtime Conversations

I was watching the Orioles/Pirates game on MASN. My grandmother opened the door to the basement. “What are we having for breakfast?” she called down. “Breakfast?” I said, confused. It was 7:30. At night. The Orioles pitcher had just given up a solo shot to the Pirates. “Breakfast,” she said. “Is it up or down?”Continue reading “On Mealtime Conversations”