On a Place in the Universe

Nothing puts things into perspective like seeing an image of the Earth taken from deep space, with the planet just a disc of light. No borders, no cities, just light, such as in this recent image from the Cassini space probe in orbit of Saturn. The things we worry about every day, they seem soContinue reading “On a Place in the Universe”

On the Things I Don't Understand

I don’t understand why the water pressure in my shower doubled in the last week. I don’t understand why the Muzak system at work insists on playing the Spice Girls. It’s not 1997 anymore. I don’t understand why Obi-Wan calls Anakin “the Chosen One” in the Revenge of the Sith trailer when we all knowContinue reading “On the Things I Don't Understand”

On the Wisdom of Sally Brown

My report today asks the question, “Where will it all end?” We all need a philosophy. My old philosophy was, “Whatever, Who cares? and How should I know?” Can a philosophy carry us through troubled times? What happens when our philosophy fails? We turn to that most ancient of desparate cries, “Mom!” The words ofContinue reading “On the Wisdom of Sally Brown”