On Thoughts Towards Christmas Gifts

Ah, Christmas. The time of year when people give other people — friends, loved ones, family, even complete strangers — gifts large and gifts small. When I worked retail, I heard it said that if Christmas, as a shopping/buying tradition, didn’t exist, marketers would have invented it. Like Valentine’s Day. 😉 I stopped asking forContinue reading “On Thoughts Towards Christmas Gifts”

On My Life, As a Reality Show

Some people are public. Some people are private. I'm a private person. I couldn't imagine myself as a star of a reality television series; besides the feeling that my life really isn't that interesting (sorry, not all writers lead Hemingway-esque lives, though I would settle for a Fitzgerald-ian life), even blogging skirts the level ofContinue reading “On My Life, As a Reality Show”

On Winter Reading

I have never read The Sandman. It's a curious lapse in my comic book reading. I generally like Neil Gaiman's other comics work (though I was cold on 1602). The idea of a Lord of Dreams is compelling. I love Wesley Dodds, the superhero Sandman of the 1930s (and I religiously read Sandman Mystery Theatre),Continue reading “On Winter Reading”

On the Simplicities of Binary Day 10-10-10

10-10-10. I’ve been calling today “Binary Day.” One-Zero-One-Zero-One-Zero. All ones and zeroes. A binary day. Oh, there have been others this year — in January and in November — but this particular Binary Day is unique. It’s the only Binary Day that is exactly the same on both sides of the Atlantic. Our British cousins,Continue reading “On the Simplicities of Binary Day 10-10-10”

On Venturing Forth to the Moon

Plinky asks today: "If you were offered a free trip to the moon, would you go?" And there's a part of me that wants to say, "Well… duh." 😉 And then there's the part of me that wants to say, "Now that I've gotten the snarky answer out of the way…" Who hasn't dreamt ofContinue reading “On Venturing Forth to the Moon”

On What I Miss About Childhood

At times, I miss the smell… Of cow manure. In my childhood years, I lived in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley. My elementary school, Linville-Edom, stood on a barely paved road in the midst of the valley's rolling farm country. Across the street was a farm. To either side of the school? Farms. And what was notableContinue reading “On What I Miss About Childhood”

On Chocolate-Covered Gummi Bears and Other Things

Recently I discovered the greatest food invented by the mind of man. Juice-filled gummi bears. Long have I had a passion for gummi bears. I liked going to a candy store at the mall and filling a bag with scoops of gummis right out of the bin. I like gummi bears soft and chewy. IContinue reading “On Chocolate-Covered Gummi Bears and Other Things”

On Favorite Characters In a Book

To my chagrin, I made it through college without ever having to read F. Scott Fitzgerald in an English course. I did, however, read Fitzgerald for my American history course. I had to write a paper on "Echoes of the Jazz Age," an essay where Fitzgerald used this memorable phrase to describe the 1920s —Continue reading “On Favorite Characters In a Book”