On the Shore Leave 2008 Schedule

Tomorrow, the Shore Leave Convention begins in Hunt Valley, Maryland. Let’s take a look at my schedule. 🙂 Friday 10-Midnight: Meet the Pros (Hunt Valley Corridor) Saturday 3-5: Doctor Who: The Quality of Leadership (Salon A) Sunday 10-11: Doctor Who/Torchwood/Sarah Jane (Salon F) 11-12: Comics to Movies (Salon B) Hope to see some of youContinue reading “On the Shore Leave 2008 Schedule”

On the Shore Leave Round-Up

It occurs to me that others have written long and lengthy posts about the things they did at Shore Leave over the weekend. I’ve mentioned dribs and drabbles here and there–yes, the TARDIS USB hub is fantastic–but I haven’t done an all-encompassing thing. And since it’s Thursday (or something like that–my time sense has goneContinue reading “On the Shore Leave Round-Up”

On the Shore Leave Schedule

The Shore Leave convention starts on Friday at the Hunt Valley Marriott, and for those stalking me… err, I mean those curious about what I’ll be doing this weekend, here’s my schedule of panels and events: Day Panel Room Time Friday Meet-the-Pros Hallway 10 – Midnight Saturday Morality in Doctor Who Derby 12 – 1Continue reading “On the Shore Leave Schedule”