On the Torchwood Trailer and Assorted Thoughts

A Freema Ageyman website posted the Torchwood Season 2 trailer. I watched that this morning, and what can I say? I’m majorly excited. 🙂 There’s very little of Martha Jones in the trailer, but that’s understandable. The trailer was cut for BBC America, and BBC America has yet to show the third season of DoctorContinue reading “On the Torchwood Trailer and Assorted Thoughts”

On Doctor Who: “Time-Crash”

Last night, on the BBC’s Children in Need special, Doctor Who fans were treated to something fun — a two Doctors story, starring David Tennant and Peter Davison. It hardly seems worthy of review; it’s eight minutes long and takes place entirely within the confines of the TARDIS control room. Yet, two TARDISes have mergedContinue reading “On Doctor Who: “Time-Crash””

On Two Doctors

The Fifth Doctor. The Tenth Doctor. Steven Moffat. Children In Need. The Fifth Doctor! The Tenth Doctor! Children in Need! Two! Doctors! 😀 David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor is set to meet Peter Davison’s Fifth Doctor in a special scene commissioned for BBC One’s Children in Need. The scene, entitled Time Crash, was written by awardContinue reading “On Two Doctors”

On New Doctor Who Comics

IDW, published of comics based on Star Trek and the Transformers, has picked up the comics license for Doctor Who. Announced at San Diego Comicon yesterday, the series will star the tenth Doctor and Martha and will debut later in the year, written by Doctor Who novelist Gary Russell and with art by Nick Roche.Continue reading “On New Doctor Who Comics”

On Whovian Rankings

Because it needs to be done (which in this case means, because Keith did it and that automatically makes it good and worthwhile)… Stolen ruthlessly, here is The Utterly Utterly Accurate And Definitive 21st Century Doctor Who Tiered Rankings, as decided upon by me because my opinion is the only one that matters. :p TheContinue reading “On Whovian Rankings”

On “The Sound of Drums”

Oh. My. God. Oh. My. God. Holy. Fuck. The penultimate episode of Doctor Who‘s third season isn’t perfect. But Holy! Fuck! Three years and two series have been building toward this. You can tell. It started last week, as the threads pulled closer. This week? All bets are off. The sound of drums? It’s theContinue reading “On “The Sound of Drums””

On Captain Jack Harkness

When last we saw Jack Harkness he’d just gone Gandalf on a Balrog and died, only to return to life after seven days. Then, wandering through the Torchwood Hub, a peculiar wheezing, grinding sound was heard, a wind rushed through the Hub, and Jack Harkness was gone. Tonight, Captain Jack Harkness returns. And there areContinue reading “On Captain Jack Harkness”

On the Latest Search Phrase News

Since I had to go onto the server last night, I did a search phrase dump. I have to tell you, there’s nothing surprising about the search phrases the last two weeks. Honestly, the top twenty are the same sorts of things I’ve written about before. No, Stephen Fry still isn’t writing a Doctor WhoContinue reading “On the Latest Search Phrase News”