On the Cubs’ Post-Season

Cubs win! Cubs win! Cubs win! :cubs: The Cubs beat the St. Louis Cardinals today, 5-4, at Wrigley. The Cubs clinched the National League Central, repeating as the NL Central Division champion. This is also the first time, since 1908, the Cubs have gone to the post-season two years in a row. Cubs win! CubsContinue reading “On the Cubs’ Post-Season”

On Signs of Spring

Sunday afternoon my sister phoned me up. “What are you doing?” she wanted to know. “I’m listening to a baseball game on the radio. Spring training. The Nationals and the Orioles.” “There’s baseball already?” Yup, there’s baseball already. To my chagrin, there’s little coverage of spring training in the local newspapers. The free daily, theContinue reading “On Signs of Spring”

On First-of-the-Month Hits

From the creative mind of Keith DeCandido, “Tell what the first post of every month of the 2007 calendar year was.” Okie-day! January: On Incompetant Blundering — An after-action report of an Age of Empires III game. February: On Invitations — I was invited to a blogger conference. March: On the New Mission — IContinue reading “On First-of-the-Month Hits”