On The Weird Things From My Keyboard

Sometimes I shock even myself. Yes, I did, in fact, in all seriousness, suggest a “Star Trek Meets The Vampire Lestat” crossover. But what would the reaction be? Well, I think I have it pegged right when I wrote: Though if there’s a homoerotic undertone to the meeting of Lestat and Picard, I think fandomContinue reading “On The Weird Things From My Keyboard”

On Tonight’s Discovery

I’ve just discovered. If I stick my tongue on my Talking Dalek Bottle Opener, much as I would stick my tongue on a 9-volt, the Dalek says, “Exterminate!” I’m not sure anyone wants anything shouting “Exterminate!” that close to your face, but there it is. My discovery of the day! I can work the bottleContinue reading “On Tonight’s Discovery”

On New Levels of Fannishness

I had to write up a product description for something Doctor Who-ish — Creation is doing some Who shotglasses with the TARDIS and the series logo. I needed something catchy. Something the Doctor would drink. It came to me. I typed it up, giggling all the way. Something along the lines of “If you’re goingContinue reading “On New Levels of Fannishness”

On Greek Philosophers Online

This is a rather amusing article: What if the Greek philosophers were into social networking like Facebook? Glaucon and Cephalus rant about Donna Noble and Martha Jones, while Polemarchus tries to figure out how to beat a speeding ticket. And in the middle? Socrates is hopelessly lost. I vowed recently that I would never readContinue reading “On Greek Philosophers Online”