On Finishing Torchwood

Torchwood, season one. As I mentioned a few days ago I recently started watching Torchwood, the BBC’s adult-oriented Doctor Who spin-off about a team of alien tech investigators. I’ve finished the first season, and what do I think? Torchwood was very much a mixed bag. There were moments that were absolutely incredible. There were episodesContinue reading “On Finishing Torchwood”

On Experiencing Torchwood

Thanks to the kindness of beagles I’ve been watching this weekend the first season of Torchwood. For some readers Torchwood is an old hat. For other readers, unfamiliar with the program here’s a quick summary. Torchwood is a Doctor Who spin-off, following the adventures of Captain Jack Harkness (seen in the revived Doctor Who‘s firstContinue reading “On Experiencing Torchwood”

On The Sarah Jane Adventures

The BBC issued a press release today on their upcoming series starring Lis Sladen as former Doctor Who companion Sarah Jane Smith: Multi-award winning writer Russell T Davies has written a brand new series for CBBC called The Sarah Jane Adventures. It stars one of The Doctor’s most famous companions, investigative journalist Sarah Jane Smith.Continue reading “On The Sarah Jane Adventures”