On the Flesh and TARDIS Avatars

Yesterday, I found myself pondering “The Doctor’s Wife.” Two weeks ago, “The Doctor’s Wife,” a Doctor Who story written by Neil Gaiman, aired on BBC 1, BBC America, and Space. In the episode, a villainous asteroid ripped the consciousness of the TARDIS from the Doctor’s ship and shoved the consciousness into a body belonging toContinue reading “On the Flesh and TARDIS Avatars”

On a Doctor Pooh T-Shirt

I’ve gone and I’ve done it. I’ve bought a tee-shirt from Qwertee. Qwertee is the UK equivalent of TeeFury, a website that sells limited edition t-shirts that break copyright a million ways to Tuesday for a limited time. Qwertee’s design today is of Doctor Pooh, a Time Lord of Very Little Brain. As designed byContinue reading “On a Doctor Pooh T-Shirt”

On “Rebel Flesh” Not Rebelling

Suppose that, in the near-future, there are industrial jobs that are too difficult for humans or robots to perform. They still need to be done, but there’s a high risk of death to a human or the loss of the investment of a robot. Either would make the work cost-prohibitive. But it’s the future, andContinue reading “On “Rebel Flesh” Not Rebelling”

On “The Doctor’s Wife” and Commercial Breaks

Doctor Who clearly isn’t meant to be watched with commercial breaks. Last night was “The Doctor’s Wife,” the highly-anticipated episode of Doctor Who by Neil Gaiman. I knew of people at work who, despite never having watched Doctor Who, intended to watch last night’s episode solely because of the Neil Gaiman factor. I wasn’t thatContinue reading “On “The Doctor’s Wife” and Commercial Breaks”

On Amy Pond’s Mysterious Pregnancy

On a different note, because this doesn’t really fit with my review of “The Curse of the Black Spot” from earlier, but it needs to be said — I’m having a real problem with Amy’s Schroedinger’s Pregnancy. If Amy is, in fact, pregnant, she should be roughly five months along, thanks to the three monthContinue reading “On Amy Pond’s Mysterious Pregnancy”

On the Middling “Curse of the Black Spot”

After comparing Doctor Who‘s “Day of the Moon” to The X-Files last week, this week’s episode of Doctor Who, the piratical “Curse of the Black Spot,” continues the X-Files vibe, though not in a good way and not in the way you’d expect. If Doctor Who‘s opener “The Impossible Astronaut”/”Day of the Moon” were StevenContinue reading “On the Middling “Curse of the Black Spot””

On “Day of the Moon” and the Doctor’s Plan

When last we saw the Doctor, Amy, and Rory on Doctor Who, they were in a creepy warehouse in Florida. Their erstwhile FBI ally, Canton Everett Delaware III, had been conked unconscious by persons unknown. River Song was exploring the catacombs underneath the warehouse with Rory where they found what appeared to be a proto-TARDISContinue reading “On “Day of the Moon” and the Doctor’s Plan”

On Doctor Who Intros

Last week I mentioned that, in the United States, BBC America attached a prologue/voice-over to Doctor Who, with Amy introducing the series and its premise. It turns out that Canada and Australia also had the Amy voice-over. Maybe it’s an international thing. I kinda hope it goes on the DVD sets, if only as anContinue reading “On Doctor Who Intros”

More Thoughts on Lis Sladen

A few years ago — summer of 2007 — I wanted to write a novel that starred Sarah Jane Smith. The story I envisioned was not the kind of Doctor Who novel that BBC Books had published (at that point) in about two years. “Wouldn’t it be interesting,” thought I to myself, “to take threeContinue reading “More Thoughts on Lis Sladen”