On Joy In Wrigleyville

Is there a better sports writer than Frank Deford? Deford has a weekly segment on NPR’s Morning Edition, where he waxes poetic on current events in sport. It’s just just the way DeFord puts the words together but the inflection of his voice that makes his weekly segment compelling listening. This week Deford turned hisContinue reading “On Joy In Wrigleyville”

On the Cubs and the Nationals

While I’ve been a fan of the Chicago Cubs for a very long time, I’ve never actually seen the Cubs. At least, not in person. Last year my sister suggested that, perhaps, I could go and catch a Nationals-Cubs game in Washington. Of course, she suggested that the day after the Cubs had a three-gameContinue reading “On the Cubs and the Nationals”

On the Cubs' Pitching Woes

The ghost of Murphy’s Goat hates us. The ghost of John McGraw hates us. From the wire reports in today’s Raleigh newspaper: Kerry Wood will not pitch in the season-opening series in Arizona, but the Chicago Cubs are hopeful he will be ready for the team’s opening homestand a few days later. And when that’sContinue reading “On the Cubs' Pitching Woes”