On Other Needed LEGOs

Three weeks ago I’d mentioned how some phrases kept turning up in my search logs, phrases related to LEGO Doctor Who. Strangely, after writing about the need for LEGO Doctor Who products, people stopped “asking.” Go figure. Howsomever, LEGO searches have remained popular. Just from the last week: LEGO Batman Killer Croc LEGO Frodo StarContinue reading “On Other Needed LEGOs”

On Today's Weird Search Phrase

I am a stats fiend. I admit it, anyone who knows me knows I know numbers. Since I installed the Automattic Stats plug-in for WordPress I’ve been getting lots of really interesting data. It’s no trouble at all to just fire up the WordPress admin screens and take a look at how many hits I’veContinue reading “On Today's Weird Search Phrase”

More on LEGO Star Wars II

I sat down today and played through several levels of LEGO Star Wars II. I have almost enough LEGO studs to purchase my save file from the first game. That’s a mite disappointing, that I have to buy something that’s already on my XBox’s hard drive, but that’s how the game is, so I justContinue reading “More on LEGO Star Wars II”

On LEGO Star Wars II

LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy came out today. You pick your system, it’s available for it. Xbox. 360. PlayStation 2. GameCube. GameBoy Advance. Nintendo DS. Sony PSP. You want it, you can play it. True, multi-platform goodness. Star Wars and LEGOs, the two universals. I picked one up today for the XBox. It’sContinue reading “On LEGO Star Wars II”