On Gran Turismo: HD

Here’s another reason to dislike Sony and their PlayStation 3 plans: Gran Turismo: HD will cost players an arm and a leg to play. The current rage in online gaming is microtransactions. Because consoles–like the Xbox, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3–have hard drives and online capabilities, users can purchase content for their games and downloadContinue reading “On Gran Turismo: HD”

More on LEGO Star Wars II

I sat down today and played through several levels of LEGO Star Wars II. I have almost enough LEGO studs to purchase my save file from the first game. That’s a mite disappointing, that I have to buy something that’s already on my XBox’s hard drive, but that’s how the game is, so I justContinue reading “More on LEGO Star Wars II”

On LEGO Star Wars II

LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy came out today. You pick your system, it’s available for it. Xbox. 360. PlayStation 2. GameCube. GameBoy Advance. Nintendo DS. Sony PSP. You want it, you can play it. True, multi-platform goodness. Star Wars and LEGOs, the two universals. I picked one up today for the XBox. It’sContinue reading “On LEGO Star Wars II”

On a European PlayStation 3 Delay

Sony had intended for the PlayStation 3 to launch simultaneously on three continents in November. They have now scrapped those plans. The European launch of the PS3 has been pushed back to the spring of 2007. According to The Register, “The revision of the launch date is caused by the delay in the mass productionContinue reading “On a European PlayStation 3 Delay”

On Going to the Mall

I went to Owings Mills Mall today. It’s about five minutes from my grandmother’s house. When I was younger — say, twenty years ago — the backroads to the mall were through fields and cropland. Today, it’s endless townhouses and developments. I think I prefer the olden days. The world seemed so much bigger then.Continue reading “On Going to the Mall”

On Star Trek: Legacy

The new issue of Game Informer came in the mail yesterday, and inside was a one-page preview on this fall’s new Star Trek game, Legacy, for the PC and the XBox 360 coming from Bethesda Softworks. This isn’t the first preview Game Informer has done–several months ago they published a cover article on the game.Continue reading “On Star Trek: Legacy”

On PlayStation 3 Shortages

It should come as no surprise to anyone, but Sony’s PlayStation 3 will be in tight supply after its launch on November 17th. Why? Because Sony has yet to manufacture a single unit for consumer purchase. According to an article posted at the Register: Speaking to US website Gamespot, Sony Computer Entertainment America president KazContinue reading “On PlayStation 3 Shortages”