On the New Blog Design

After deciding to redesign my blog’s layout, I decided against it. I ran a Hot Wax Weekend instead over Memorial Day. The thing was, I’d already started coding the new website design I’d selected, taking the CoolBlue stylesheet from StyleShout. I had the “main” files done — header.php, index.php, sidebar.php, and footer.php. Yes, there areContinue reading “On the New Blog Design”

On Thinking About a Blog Redesign

I am planning a blog redesign. Longtime readers know that in the past I’ve changed my blog design the way others change their socks. The reasons for changing the layout in the past are many — WordPress makes it easy, a blog redesign makes me feel productive without being productive, sheer boredom. In this case,Continue reading “On Thinking About a Blog Redesign”

On Twitterology and WordPressery

I have a Twitter account. I barely use it. I always forget about it. Yes, I have crossposters to move content from my blog to Twitter by Tweeting a link back to my latest post. Yes, I have a widget for Opera that lets me access Twitter easily with a nice windowed interface. I forgetContinue reading “On Twitterology and WordPressery”

On the Christmas Weekend

A hectic week at the office this shall be. I can already sense it, like a great disturbance in the Force. There’s nothing wrong with that; staying busy is a good thing. 🙂 It was a LEGO holiday. My sister and her husband gave me the LEGO Star Wars Visual Dictionary, which will prove invaluableContinue reading “On the Christmas Weekend”