Return of the King: A Preview

Yesterday I got back from the company’s annual manager meeting/trade show. (I’ll tell the story of the trip back another time; needless to say, it wasn’t fun getting from Charlotte to Raleigh in the middle of a hurricane, and there are other managers who I know had a much worse time of it.) Well, EAContinue reading “Return of the King: A Preview”

The Battle of Helm's Deep

EA’s The Two Towers video game for the PlayStation2 consists of elements taken from both Fellowship of the Ring and The Two Towers. Last night I reached Helm’s Deep. For the video game the Battle of Helm’s Deep is divided into three segments. In the first the Orcish armies assault the outer walls and yourContinue reading “The Battle of Helm's Deep”

Three happenings

Two Lord of the Rings thoughts. First, The Two Towers video game was released last week for the PlayStation2. For fans anxiously awaiting the Special Edition DVD release of Fellowship of the Ring or the December theatrical release of The Two Towers this game should probably find its way to your video game console. NotContinue reading “Three happenings”

The Magical Worlds of the Lord of the Rings

David Colbert’s new book, The Magical Worlds of the Lord of the Rings bills itself as a reference to the “amazing myths, legends, and facts behind the masterpiece.” Colbert is no stranger to this sort of book having authored a similar book last year on Harry Potter. At a slim 196 pages (including bibliography, suggestedContinue reading “The Magical Worlds of the Lord of the Rings”

Trewsday, 25 Winterfilth

The idea of Lord of the Rings Christmas cards still fills me with a sense of dread, but as Geoff Trowbridge pointed out in his comment to my entry of a few days ago, “[o]ne musn’t forget that Christmas is a profoundly pagan tradition dating all the way back to ancient Babylon, when the ‘FeastContinue reading “Trewsday, 25 Winterfilth”