More on The da Vinci Code Game

From something I wrote a few weeks ago: “I don’t think anyone knows there’s a da Vinci Code game, sorry.” It seems that the da Vinci Code game has sold so well that we marked the price down twenty dollars on the game this week. Twenty dollars. Half-price. No, I don’t just think anyone knowsContinue reading “More on The da Vinci Code Game”

On a Customer's Concern

A few days ago a customer came into the store and, browsing through the XBox section, he had an urgent question. “They made a game out of the da Vinci Code?” he asked. “Companies will make games out of anything these days.” He took the game from the shelf, scrutinized it closely, and frowned. “Aren’tContinue reading “On a Customer's Concern”

On Used PlayStation 3 Games

It’s been rumored for a while that Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 3 console won’t be able to play previously played or rented games–that once a user activated a game on his console it wouldn’t work on another. No lending a game to a friend, no taking a game to a friend’s house, no reselling a gameContinue reading “On Used PlayStation 3 Games”

On the PlayStation 3 Launch

For a few months now at the store we'll get a few–sometimes one or two, sometimes ten or more–phone calls a day from customers wanting to know when we'll start taking pre-orders for the PlayStation 3. My best guess for the longest time was that, at some point in the immediate aftermath of the E3Continue reading “On the PlayStation 3 Launch”

On the Nintendo Wii

So, in the next generation of the video game console wars the competitors will be the already-released Microsoft XBox 360, the upcoming Sony PlayStation 3, and the Nintendo Wii. That’s right.  The Wii. Between you and me, I’m suddenly think Diane Duane and delphines here, but I’m sure that Star Trek geekdom isn’t what Nintendo had inContinue reading “On the Nintendo Wii”

On the PlayStation 3's Cost

After months of speculation a Sony official has let slip the planned retail price of the PlayStation 3 console, coming worldwide this November. It’s not a complete answer, as it’s the cost for one territory–Europe. The projected PS3 retail price? €499-599. Depending on other factors–the weak dollar as compared to the Euro, the historically higherContinue reading “On the PlayStation 3's Cost”

On a PlayStation 3 Delay

Sony’s new video game console, the PlayStation 3, may see its release in the United States delayed until early 2007, according to various reports. The eye-opening new data on the PlayStation 3 is that Sony will likely spend $900 per console in manufacturing costs. Consoles have historically been sold at a loss, with the theContinue reading “On a PlayStation 3 Delay”

On Video Game Ratings

Movies have their ratings. Some music CDs carry a “parental advisory” warning. Video games have their own rating system, the ESRB rating. I deal with this every day at work–What’s the game rated? Is this appropriate for my child? It’s not just something to be reactive about, we also have to be proactive, to beContinue reading “On Video Game Ratings”

On XBox 360 Madness

People need a sanity check–you can buy an XBox 360 system on eBay for 11 million dollars. I don’t expect that anyone would match Jack Dell’s “Buy It Now” price–there are better things one can do with 11 million dollars–but I have to wonder at the thought process that leads someone to put up anContinue reading “On XBox 360 Madness”