On Waiting for Frodo

Yesterday’s encounter in Barnes & Noble brings to mind a website I recommend checking out: waitingforfrodo.com. The site features an online comic strip entitled, as you might guess, Waiting for Frodo, written by Debbie Ridpath Ohi, about a young man named Sam who waited in line for 200-odd days for the release of the firstContinue reading “On Waiting for Frodo”

How many covers are too many?

Last autumn to coincide with the release of Fellowship of the Ring in the theaters Del Rey and Houghton Mifflin rereleased the Lord of the Rings trilogy in hardcover, mass market, and trade paperback editions with photo covers of images taken from the film. This autumn, to coincide with the upcoming film release of TheContinue reading “How many covers are too many?”

Recent Ramblings

Pocket’s Strange New Worlds contest for this year closes on Tuesday, and I made four submissions this year. I liked this year’s batch of stories. One I’ve mentioned before, about Wesley Crusher and the man he replaced at the Enterprise-D’s conn. Another was about Robin Lefler and her nightmares. The third story was about EzriContinue reading “Recent Ramblings”