On Allyn’s Adventures at the Rally For Sanity

Along with well over 200,000 other people, I attended the Rally to Restore Sanity And/Or Fear on the National Mall in Washington, DC yesterday. Jon Stewart announced about two months ago, after Glenn Beck’s “Rally to Restore Honor,” that he was going to hold his own rally on the National Mall, the Rally to RestoreContinue reading “On Allyn’s Adventures at the Rally For Sanity”

On the Republican Party’s “Pledge to America”

A few days ago, the Republican Party unveiled A Pledge to America, their campaign for this autumn’s Congressional races. I downloaded the PDF. I printed it out. I read it on the train on Friday, only to wish that I were reading Clash of the Geeks instead. I’m a self-admitted policy and politics junkie, butContinue reading “On the Republican Party’s “Pledge to America””

On a Helpful Voter’s Guide

Who should you vote for this November? It’s a big election, an important election, and I’ve written about some of the things at stake in November. Fortunately, a voter’s guide is available to help voters on the fence make their decision in the booth: Voting is a sacred duty. Get informed. Be engaged. Vote! :spock: