On New Doctor Who Spin-Offs

On occasion, I have interesting brainwaves. Take yesterday. Over on TrekBBS, there’s a thread running on what the next Doctor Who spin-off should be. You can click the link if you want, but I promise you won’t find much of interest; the ideas being tossed around amount to continuing The Sarah Jane Adventures with ClydeContinue reading “On New Doctor Who Spin-Offs”

On Abslom Daak, Dalek Killer

My friend Todd “Scavenger” Kogutt keeps telling me about the Doctor Who spin-off he’d love to see: Abslom Daak: Dalek Killer, starring Bruce Campbell. The first time he told me this I must confess that I snarfed coffee on my monitor–I just didn’t see it. But after the recent Dalek two-parter Todd brought the ideaContinue reading “On Abslom Daak, Dalek Killer”