On the Day After

I was planning on writing nothing more on the subject of Sarah Palin and her sudden resignation, at least until the federal indictments are handed down in the very near future, but I can’t stand to watch the bloodbath in Wrigleyville any longer. Oh, Cubs :cubs: , why hast thou forsaken me? Ahem. Sarah Palin.Continue reading “On the Day After”

On Sarah Palin’s Resignation

A year ago, I hadn’t heard of Sarah Palin. A year ago, I hadn’t thought of Alaska since, oh, the Clinton administration. And then, one day, John McCain decided that he wanted Sarah Palin, governor of Alaska, to be his Vice Presidential running mate. I’ve written a number of things about Sarah Palin in theContinue reading “On Sarah Palin’s Resignation”

On Sarah Palin, Tactics, and the Cynicism of John McCain

Yesterday, presumptive Republican Presidential nominee John McCain made his pick for his vice presidential running mate — Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. Who? To be frank, a week ago I hadn’t even heard of Sarah Palin. It’s my fault for not watching The Late, Late Show With Craig Ferguson, I suppose. Here’s a quick biography. AgedContinue reading “On Sarah Palin, Tactics, and the Cynicism of John McCain”

On Bush and Oil Drilling

There’s a political webcomic I enjoy reading, A Town Called Dobson. Today’s comic is about Bush’s call to Congress to lift the ban on off-shore oil drilling and to open the Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge. Bush’s argument is that high gasoline prices mean that we need to increase our own production. That will bring downContinue reading “On Bush and Oil Drilling”