An Ode to Aunt Sarah’s

A few weeks ago I learned that Aunt Sarah’s Pancake House in Richmond has closed. They didn’t survive the pandemic. I’m not surprised, though I’m sad. For a time, it was a small chain in Virginia, with locations from Richmond to Lynchburg. In Lynchburg, they were in the old Howard Johnson’s in the mid-90s. MyContinue reading “An Ode to Aunt Sarah’s”

Scenes from a Road Trip

For reasons I’m disinclined to share, I went on a somewhat unplanned road trip this weekend to Virginia. I use the word “somewhat” as I had a few hours to prepare for it, so I burned a few mix CDs for the drive and planned a trip that would take me through Richmond because IContinue reading “Scenes from a Road Trip”

Looking Back Ten Years

Ten years ago today, an adventure (of sorts) began. My grandmother and I took a trip from Baltimore to Raleigh. I’ve never really spoken about that trip as I’ve found it an uncomfortable — and somewhat painful — subject. My grandmother, as some know, suffered from dementia in her final years. At the time ofContinue reading “Looking Back Ten Years”