What Will Happen When Obama Endorses Clinton?

Something political has been nagging at the back of my mind for a few days. Sometime very soon, Barack Obama will endorse Hillary Clinton and throw his full support behind her. He hasn’t yet officially, not while there are still Democratic primaries to be decided, but he has been quietly telling donors and major DemocraticContinue reading “What Will Happen When Obama Endorses Clinton?”

After Scalia: The Coming Clash of the Executive and the Legislative Branches over the Judiciary

Saturday afternoon, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia died. I was having dinner with friends at Farpoint. One of my dinner companions happened to look over at the flatscreen televisions hanging over the bar at Northern Lights, and she audibly gasped. “Scalia died.” The rest of us turned, looked, and gibbered things like “Wow” and “Damn.”Continue reading “After Scalia: The Coming Clash of the Executive and the Legislative Branches over the Judiciary”

David Brooks’ Historical Perspective

David Brooks penned a column in today’s New York Times about how the presidential campaign has made him realize how much he has taken President Obama for granted and that, all things considered, he (Obama, that is) is not a monster. I can see the two reactions this column will generate. On the right, theContinue reading “David Brooks’ Historical Perspective”

Joe Biden’s Window Closes

I admit, I’m disappointed that Joe Biden isn’t running for president. His speech yesterday in the Rose Garden, with his wife Jill to one side and the president to the other, was pure Joe Biden — funny, warm, forceful, and a little bitrandom. His window closed, and maybe it was never open, but I’ll missContinue reading “Joe Biden’s Window Closes”

The Ire of Reince Priebus

I love it when Reince Priebus, the chairman of the Republican National Committee, writes me. He’s usually incensed about something and expects me to be so, as well. And, of course, he then hits me up for money. What has raised his ire this week? President Obama’s appearance at the National Prayer Breakfast, which IContinue reading “The Ire of Reince Priebus”

Obama, the National Prayer Breakfast, and the Crusades

On Thursday, President Obama addressed the National Prayer Breakfast, as has been his custom during his presidency. This year, his remarks drew the ire of conservatives and religious conservatives; as an example, Bloomberg News headlined an article with the verb “Troll” to describe the president’s remarks. What was so controversial? The president acknowledged a settledContinue reading “Obama, the National Prayer Breakfast, and the Crusades”

The RNC: Normalizing the Unthinkable

Is the Republican Party trying to forment an armed rebellion against the government? I am forced to ask this question because of the fundraising e-mail I received today from the Republican National Committee. The e-mail from RNC press secretary Kirsten Kukowski begins: In just ONE week, under the tyrannical leadership of President Obama and theContinue reading “The RNC: Normalizing the Unthinkable”

The Affordable Care Act: Back at the Supreme Court

The Supreme Court has decided to take up one of the legal challenges to the insurance subsidies offered through the federal insurance exchange, Healthcare.gov. This is an appeal of the case in the fourth circuit, where federal subsidies were upheld. The tenth circuit case, where the Appeals court struck down the subsidies, is still dueContinue reading “The Affordable Care Act: Back at the Supreme Court”

Fundraising and John Boehner’s Lawsuit

Today I have received more political fundraising e-mails than I can count. And, with one exception, they’ve all centered on the House GOP’s vote to sue President Obama. The Atlantic had a piece up today about the 21 fundraising emails the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee sent out over the weekend about the lawsuit and itsContinue reading “Fundraising and John Boehner’s Lawsuit”

The Coming Debt Ceiling Debacle

There’s a storm brewing in Washington these days. Funding for the government expires on Monday, and two weeks after that the nation’s debt ceiling needs to be raised. Republicans are willing to fund the government if the Affordable Care Act is defunded and/or repealed. Democrats aren’t about to eliminate the signature achievement of President Obama’sContinue reading “The Coming Debt Ceiling Debacle”