On BBC America’s “Asylum of the Daleks” Screening

Yes, I scored tickets to BBC America’s “Asylum of the Daleks” Doctor Who screening in New York yesterday. You may have heard horror stories about acquiring tickets. My luck may be lousy in everything else, but the one time it counted the luck came through. 🙂 I made two “immediate reaction” tweets. The first: “HolyContinue reading “On BBC America’s “Asylum of the Daleks” Screening”

On An Urgent Need For Digestive Biscuits

If I could have a lifetime supply of something, it would be McVittie’s Digestive Biscuits. My sister did a semester abroad in London, and when she came back, she came back with all sorts of marvelous treats. Maynard Wine Gums! (Which are seriously awesome, by the way.) McVittie’s Digestive Biscuits! Stuff I’ve totally forgotten inContinue reading “On An Urgent Need For Digestive Biscuits”

On “The Doctor’s Wife” and Commercial Breaks

Doctor Who clearly isn’t meant to be watched with commercial breaks. Last night was “The Doctor’s Wife,” the highly-anticipated episode of Doctor Who by Neil Gaiman. I knew of people at work who, despite never having watched Doctor Who, intended to watch last night’s episode solely because of the Neil Gaiman factor. I wasn’t thatContinue reading “On “The Doctor’s Wife” and Commercial Breaks”

On Doctor Who Viewing

Last night BBC America showed the third season Doctor Who two-parter, “Human Nature”/”Family of Blood,” in a two-hour long block. If you missed it last night and you have BBC America, have no fear — they’re repeating it again this afternoon. Watching the two-parter in a single sitting last night, it occurred to me howContinue reading “On Doctor Who Viewing”

On a Torchwood DVD

When people at work cleanse their cubicles of unwanted books, comics, DVDs, and other detritus, there’s a table in the employee breakroom where stuff is invariably piled high. It’s not uncommon to find magazines mixed with manga, comics mixed with catalogs. The table is nothing but a mess. Sometimes there’s something interesting on the table.Continue reading “On a Torchwood DVD”

On Torchwood Outlets

Torchwood, the Doctor Who spin-off debuting in the United States on BBC America in September, will also be showing this fall on HDNet, a high-definition satellite channel. From HDNet’s press release: HDNet announced today that it has acquired the high definition rights to the first twenty-six episodes of TORCHWOOD, the hit sci-fi drama that theContinue reading “On Torchwood Outlets”