Yesterday afternoon, my buddy Julio Angel Ortiz quote-tweeted this to his Twitter timeline: I thought about it for a moment or three, and one scene came to mind: I ran out of characters while typing that, hence some brutal edits that resulted in the double “and” I noticed five seconds after hitting “Tweet.” The longerContinue reading “Contact”

On Today's Weird Search Phrase

I am a stats fiend. I admit it, anyone who knows me knows I know numbers. Since I installed the Automattic Stats plug-in for WordPress I’ve been getting lots of really interesting data. It’s no trouble at all to just fire up the WordPress admin screens and take a look at how many hits I’veContinue reading “On Today's Weird Search Phrase”

Bill Clinton, Cabinet Secretary?

John Kerry has said in his campaign speeches that he wants to restore America’s standing among the international community, rolling back the unilateralist policies of the Bush administration. Here’s a thought. If the desired result is a return to the status quo ante Bush, what about nominating Bill Clinton as Secretary of State? Let’s setContinue reading “Bill Clinton, Cabinet Secretary?”