Link Round-Up: December 20

A couple of links for you kind readers today. Mostly I spent the day baking cookies and finishing the first season of Star Wars Rebels. Which ends, by the way, with a pretty intense three-part story. And the droid, Chopper, remains a psychopathic asshole. Irish Whiskey Cookies, Perfect for Christmas – Science! A friend postedContinue reading “Link Round-Up: December 20”

On Boycotts — and Why They’re Not Wrong

Peter David watched The View. The reason? He wanted to see the Bill O’Reilly/Joy Behar/Whoopi Goldberg incident: (Video from here) Peter mentioned that some commentators, including The View‘s Barbara Walters, have said it was inappropriate for Goldberg and Behar to get up and walk out on O’Reilly for being an inflamatory asshole: “This immediately promptedContinue reading “On Boycotts — and Why They’re Not Wrong”

On Grandmothers and Eight Year-Olds

We’ll start with an eight year-old. I’ve never recommended a YouTube video. More than likely I never will again. But if you hate Bill O’Reilly, watch this eight year-old spout sense that would do Keith Olbermann proud. I’ll put it like this. My jaw hit the desk a few times. You go, girl! Now, myContinue reading “On Grandmothers and Eight Year-Olds”