Mr Bilbo Blackadder

WETA Workshop, the effects studio behind the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit films, also produces a series of collectibles based on the films. This is the Bilbo Baggins Mini Epic Vinyl Figure, coming out in a few months. Ah, Bilbo Baggins, reviewing the Dwarves’ contract for his services… Wait. Bilbo Baggins? This figure doesn’tContinue reading “Mr Bilbo Blackadder”

Link Round-Up: December 28

I’ve just finished listening to Joel McNeely’s Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire soundtrack. I bought this when it came out in the spring of 1996. And I have no idea what I did with that CD. So, after seeing Star Wars: The Force Awakens, I found it inexpensively on eBay. It arrived today. IContinue reading “Link Round-Up: December 28”

On Christmas Traditions

My friend Todd has recently been on a Christmas Carol watch-a-thon. He wanted suggestions, and last night I said, “Surely you’re watching Blackadder’s Christmas Carol; I watch it every year on Christmas Day.” It hadn’t occurred to him, to watch, not the redemption of Ebenezer Scrooge, but the corruption of Ebenezer Blackadder. Hopefully, it’s inContinue reading “On Christmas Traditions”

On March’s Greatest Hits

I haven’t done a search phrase round-up in a while. Let’s take a look at the top 20 of March. 🙂 20. “Jason Gronberg.” A friend of mine. He passed away in November. One of my favorite memories of Jason. 19. “Napoleon.” One of my favorite sparring partners in Age of Empires III. Except forContinue reading “On March’s Greatest Hits”

On the Backyard Bricks

From upstairs I heard yelling. My grandmother was yelling about something. She’d been quiet all day long — she hadn’t shown any interest in watching whatever race was on FOX, instead she wanted to spend the day going through her box of cancelled checks from twenty years ago. (Among those checks, by the way, isContinue reading “On the Backyard Bricks”

On Blackadder Vocabulary

It is no secret that one of my all-time favorite television series is Blackadder. I go back and forth. Sometimes Blackadder II (that being the Elizabethean Blackadder) is tops. But usually, it’s Blackadder the Third (that being the Regency Blackadder). And my top three episodes — though all six are simply sublime — would be:Continue reading “On Blackadder Vocabulary”

On a Television Meme

Seen on several friends’ pages in the blogosphere: Post a list of seven TV shows you love (current or canceled). Have your friends list guess your favorite character from each show. When guessed, bold the line and write a little bit about why you like that character. Post in your own journal. Seven television shows,Continue reading “On a Television Meme”

On Recent Search Phrases

Stat time once more! Here’s a random factoid. In the past two weeks, which is what the server report I pulled this morning covers, twice as many people accessed The World According to Allyn with Windows 3.1 machines as by Amiga machines. I’m just amazed there are people out there, doing the Internet-thing, with WindowsContinue reading “On Recent Search Phrases”

On Television Shows

Shamelessly stolen from Ross and others: What TV show(s) do you find yourself watching the most?Presently, not that many. The only ones I’m building my week around these days are Boston Legal and House. Television, just not that important to me these days. What if any TV shows do you own on DVD?Chittering Cthulhu, thereContinue reading “On Television Shows”