On the Closing of Borders

The local Borders is closing. I went to the mall last night. Years ago, Owings Mill Mall was nice, upscale, nearly 100% occupancy. These days, it’s run down, junky, and vast sections of storefronts stand empty. Mainly, I wanted to go to GameStop and cash out an old pre-order, which the employees wouldn’t do. IContinue reading “On the Closing of Borders”

On Really Freaky Memes

Stolen shamelessly from Steve Roby… If I were a book, filed under the Dewey Decimal System, where would I be? Allyn Gibson’s Dewey Decimal Section: 652 Processes of written communication Allyn Gibson = 12254792954 = 122+547+929+54 = 1652 Class: 600 Technology Contains: Health, agriculture, management, public relations, buildings. What it says about you: You areContinue reading “On Really Freaky Memes”

On Barnes & Noble and Borders

I heard at work today that Barnes & Noble has made an offer to buy Borders. There may be some anti-trust investigations, but it’s a formality. Much as when GameStop — itself a division of Barnes & Noble — bought EB Games three years ago. The real issue is probably online sales. I’m sure partContinue reading “On Barnes & Noble and Borders”