On a Calendar in the Mail

An unexpected package arrived in the mail today. “The Hidden History of the United States 2011 Calendar,” courtesy of The Progressive. I subscribed to The Progressive for a few years, from ’98 to ’02. What soured me on the magazine was Howard Zinn’s response to 9/11, which I seem to remember as a “We broughtContinue reading “On a Calendar in the Mail”

On Receiving a Calendar

I received in the mail today a package I was not expecting. It was the Colonial Williamsburg 2010 Wall Calendar. I’ve been contributing to the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation for a few years now, even though it’s someplace I’ve never been, though I’ve always meant to go. They produce a nice history magazine, and I enjoyContinue reading “On Receiving a Calendar”

On the Start of the New (Hobbit) Year

Happy New Year! In the Shire, anyway. 🙂 If we were Hobbits, if we lived in the Shire, today would be the first day of the new year, the 2nd of the month of Yule. Yule is a strange month. It’s only two days long. The first of Yule is the last day of theContinue reading “On the Start of the New (Hobbit) Year”

On Two Calendars

A bit more than a year ago, I was anxiously anticipating the Lord of the Rings video game, The White Council. An open-ending role-playing game, along the line of Morrowind, The White Council would have put gamers in the role of a character in the period a few decades prior to The Lord of theContinue reading “On Two Calendars”