The Stories That Can’t Be Known

On Friday, going to Lancaster for the baseball game, I took the route to Lancaster I rarely take — the back road route to Hallam and Route 30. The intersection of Lombard and Freysville Road is awful, and I’m not sure that that’s even the worst intersection on the route. I wouldn’t let my parentsContinue reading “The Stories That Can’t Be Known”

Visiting the Grave of a Long-Ago Cubs Pitcher

At the end of 2019, the York Sunday News here in York, Pennsylvania, ran a two-part essay by June Lloyd that summarized the history of York County amateur baseball, drawing on an eight-part series originally published in the York newspapers in 1940. (First part here, second part here.) I was curious about the original articlesContinue reading “Visiting the Grave of a Long-Ago Cubs Pitcher”

Exploring a Cemetery

On Halloween, I explored a little of a cemetery near my apartment with the intention of going back. Last weekend, temperatures in Pennsylvania soared into the low 70s, so I trekked over to explore some more. For some reason, exploring cemeteries is something I like to do. My mom says I take after my grandfatherContinue reading “Exploring a Cemetery”