The Non-Faith of Christopher Hitchens

Several years ago, riding Baltimore’s Light Rail to work, I was reading Christopher Hitchens’ God Is Not Great. A group of black teenagers boarded the train and took seats near me. One asked what I was reading. I handed him the book. He almost physically recoiled at the title, black block letters on the yellowContinue reading “The Non-Faith of Christopher Hitchens”

Link Round-Up: December 18

Last night, after work, I saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens with my coworkers thanks for an end-of-year work function. Here are my non-spoilery thoughts, posted on social media last night and this morning. First, Facebook: My non-spoilery reaction to the new Star Wars movie — I was entertained, but it’s best to have temperedContinue reading “Link Round-Up: December 18”

Answering the Ten Questions for Atheists

I saw a link to this on Twitter — Today Christian posted 10 Questions For Every Atheist with this challenge: “Some Questions Atheist Cannot Truly and Honestly REALLY Answer! Which leads to some interesting conclusions…” I look a good challenge. Let’s take a look, shall we? 1. How did you become an atheist? I wasContinue reading “Answering the Ten Questions for Atheists”

On Some Political Musings

Something has been nagging at me for days, and it took a column by E.J. Dionne in today’s Washington Post to crystalize my thinking. Dionne asks, is the progressive Left disappointed in Barack Obama, a month before his inauguration, for not being Left enough? At the same time, I’ve noticed the belief on the RightContinue reading “On Some Political Musings”

On Winter Festivals

Christopher Hitchens confuses me. Don’t misunderstand. I enjoy reading Hitchens. I don’t exactly agree with Hitchens. He reminds me of something Stephen Fry wrote recently, on the subject of dinner arguments: I was warned many, many years ago by the great Jonathan Lynn, co-creator of Yes Minister and director of the comic masterpiece My CousinContinue reading “On Winter Festivals”