Three Holiday Moments

Throughout 2019, I plan on making use of Life Captured‘s journaling prompts to supplement my blogging. I’d learned of them through a Lifehacker article over the summer, I found them interesting, and I kept the idea in the back of my mind. I may not keep up with them every day, or I may haveContinue reading “Three Holiday Moments”

2018: The Year in Review

Most every year I do this — go back through my blog archives and post a link to the first post I made each month. The results are random, to say the least; there’s no consistency. But about six of these are worthwhile. Which six? That’s for you to find out. 🙂 January: Winter Misanthropy:Continue reading “2018: The Year in Review”

Some Christmas Cultural Appropriation

Last weekend I discovered coquito, also known as “Puerto Rican egg nog,” even though it contains no eggs and is really nothing like egg nog. A friend of mine, of Puerto Rican descent, posted a photograph to Facebook of a Starbucks sign for a coquito frappuccino. Now, I’ve not been in a Starbucks in aContinue reading “Some Christmas Cultural Appropriation”