On Curt Schilling’s Decision

I wrote three weeks ago that Curt Schilling was considering one more season in baseball, pitching for either the the Chicago Cubs :cubs: or the Tampa Bay Rays. He’s made his decision. Schilling has decided to hang up his cap and retire. I didn’t see a role for Schilling with the Cubs this season anyway.Continue reading “On Curt Schilling’s Decision”

On Curt Schilling’s Future in Baseball

Curt Schilling, baseball journeyman, from the Orioles to the Phillies to the Diamondbacks to the Red Sox, has begun talking about his future in baseball. Schilling thinks he might want to play for the Chicago Cubs. :cubs: Or possibly the Tampa Bay Rays. He’s not sure yet. One or the other, though. Schilling, who hasContinue reading “On Curt Schilling’s Future in Baseball”