Scenes of Spring

Spring is in full-bloom in Pennsylvania, and I’ve not been able to breathe through my nose in weeks. I have been, as I joking said to my sister, pollinated. Some recent scenes. I attended the Lancaster Barnstormers Fan Fest on Saturday. The Barnstormers put on an exhibition game against the Black Sox, a travelling team.Continue reading “Scenes of Spring”

2020: The Year In Review

Do I need to say that 2020 was an awful year? Must I? Let’s watch a Carl Sagan video before I get to my annual review of the first post of each month. This is not the “Pale Blue Dot” video I was looking for. I went through my blog archives, I went through myContinue reading “2020: The Year In Review”


Saturday I drove down to Baltimore to visit Loudon Park Cemetery. I hadn’t been since the end of January, it was a nice day, and a cemetery is a place where one can socially distance without much difficulty. I had no idea if I would be able to get into the cemetery; some cemeteries areContinue reading “Questionnare!”

A Perfect Spring Day

Thr last few days have been a little rainy, a little chilly, a little gloomy. And work has been in a bit of a holding pattern; what I’d normally be doing this week — the order forms — has been pushed to next week, so I’ve spent the last two days trying to do nextContinue reading “A Perfect Spring Day”

Diving in on Day Two

If the first day of working from home was a strange and new and exciting experience, the second day felt more routine. I got out of bed at 7:30, though I’d been awake for several hours before that. It was another night of rough sleep; it was difficult to get comfortable temperature-wise (take a blanketContinue reading “Diving in on Day Two”

Out and About on a Dreary Sunday

I went to church this morning. Not from any religious conviction, but because I spent the last week in the hospital (that story to come) and my sister said to me yesterday that, after a week of being surrounded by doctors and nurses, I must be lonely at home by myself. And where can oneContinue reading “Out and About on a Dreary Sunday”

Are You Going to Dallastown Fair?

Apologies to Simon and Garfunkel. This week marks the annual Dallastown Fair. Having nothing to do last night, after eating dinner, I walked into town and went to the fair. It was every bit as unenthralling as I remembered. A midway of carnival rides and games. Food stands by local restaurants and churches. Farm equipment.Continue reading “Are You Going to Dallastown Fair?”

Life in Dallastown

Last weekend I ran into one of my neighbors in my apartment complex’s laundry facility; she was taking her laundry out, I was taking mine in. She and her husband live in the building across from mine. Two winters ago, I helped them dig their cars out after a particularly nasty blizzard. Otherwise, I’ve neverContinue reading “Life in Dallastown”