On Daniel Craig and James Bond

Yesterday EON Productions announced the title for the next James Bond film, the second starring Daniel Craig. “Quantum of Solace.” Speculation for months had been that EON was going to use a Fleming title from the film. Perhaps “The Hildebrand Rarity.” Or even “The Property of a Lady” (even though the bulk of that storyContinue reading “On Daniel Craig and James Bond”

More on the New James Bond

I’ve found the reaction to the announcement of Daniel Craig as the next James Bond somewhat astonishing for its negativity. “Worst Bond ever!” “Can EON pick someone worse?” “Surely [Actor X] would have been a better choice!” Anyone who thinks that Craig is a poor choice for Bond, consider this– We could have had AdamContinue reading “More on the New James Bond”

On the New James Bond

Daniel Craig. :bond: Months of speculation as to the future of the James Bond franchise comes to an end with today’s announcement of Layer Cake star Daniel Craig as the newest actor licenced to kill. It’s an interesting choice. Craig has a cold, cruel look about him that would serve him well as Bond. HeContinue reading “On the New James Bond”